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Achieve Financial Confidence, Clarity and Direction

Reach your potential with a Profit First coach on your side.

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The first step to realizing sustainable profitability.

What’s the secret to managing your company’s finances with purpose? There is a recipe, but it’s not a secret. It starts with a trusted profit expert creating a blueprint just for you.

Jodi Bariesheff

I’m Jodi Bariesheff,

a certified Profit First Professional.

After more than 12 years supporting small businesses, I began looking for a way to help clients better understand the numbers behind their operations so they could make confident decisions, and make sure all their hard work is paying off.

I discovered Profit First—a proven, easy-to-use profitability tool I now use in my own business and as a profit coach. The payoff starts on day one.

Improve profits instantly

Do you wish you could pay yourself consistently? Do you know how to let your cashflow guide important steps, like investing in equipment or making a hire?

I help you see just what’s possible—and help you gain clarity, confidence and direction
—with a profit strategy that aligns your business and personal goals.

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    Startup Profits

    New small businesses with strong revenue potential

    Get the keys to smart financial decisions so you can reach your business goals faster.

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    Next Level Profits

    Established small businesses with $500K+ annual revenue

    Uncover opportunities to level up your business.
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